Saturday, March 14, 2020

Kelsey Long English Voices of Modernism Unit Test Essay Questions 04-1

Kelsey Long English Voices of Modernism Unit Test Essay Questions 04-1 Voices of Modernism Unit Test Essay Questions: 36. The mood, or feeling stimulated in the reader, is sadness. First, the detail that the wife was "very young" brings a sense of sadness for a li fe cut short by illness. Next, the fact that the major did not marry his bride until he was "invalided " , evokes a feeling of sadness for the young bride. The bride waited for the man she loved to come home from the war only to have him return an invalid. This detail brings a feeling of loneliness to the reader. Last, the unexpecte d death of the bride stirs up sadness in the reader because the bride was expected to live, but died quickly, and a feeling of loneliness for the major. The combination of events , the timing of the details , and t he diction, all contribute to mood s of sadness and loneliness for this excerpt . 37. I learned much about American life from the 1920s to the 1040s. I plan to join the Navy when I graduate from college, and I was very interested in the details of World War I of " In Another Country" by Hemingway. The devastating injuries made the horrors of World War I much more real for me. The injuries suffered were disfiguring and disabling. The soldiers lived with death and became detached from it but counted on comradery to see them through. War was a part of life for Americans. The atmosphere depicted by Steinbeck in "The Chrysanthemums" is one of hard work and isolation in the valleys of California. Here people worked hard to survive. Men and women had very different roles. Women had feelings of conflict at tines but accepted their positions. In "The Black Ball", I learned more about the struggles of African Americans before the Civil Rights movement. The story brought the struggles into the lives, homes, and work places of African Amer icans. The father in t he story is focused on making a better life for his son. The father plays the "race game" to eventually lead to a better life. Many African Americans had to play the "race game" during this time period. The stories were very enlightening for me regarding America in the period from 1920 to 1940.

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