Thursday, November 21, 2019

Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 16

Case Study - Essay Example (2) To elaborate further, the antitrust departments grant approval for huge transactions of mergers and acquisitions involving major players only after ensuring that they are not detrimental to healthy market competition. The laws also combat the aspect of price fixing, which refers to an illegal deal amongst various players for fixing high prices, much against the interests of consumers. (3) In this particular antitrust case related to Microsoft, the ruling of the law court is indeed very much justifiable. Undoubtedly, Microsoft acted against the provisions of antitrust laws, when it started to distribute its Internet Browser at no cost. It also needs to be accepted that, then, Microsoft was propelled by the primary objective of eliminating competition from Netscape. (4) At this juncture, the biggest question that arises is, â€Å"When Microsoft indulged in practices prohibited by the law, how could the court give a ruling that consumers benefitted by the actions of the company?† As has been noted earlier in this analysis, the onus of examining the cases from the perspective of the concerned laws rests on the law courts. In this particular case, notwithstanding the initial actions of Microsoft, the end result actually turned out to be highly beneficial for the consumers. Owing to the Internet browser of Microsoft provided at no cost, consumers were enabled to develop a thorough understanding of Internet operations, and that too when the technology was in its initial stages. This has led to an extensive usage of Internet, encompassing diverse realms of activity. Because of this initiative taken by Microsoft, many other players of the market such as Netscape also started supplying Internet browsers of topmost quality at reasonable prices. (4) In due course of time, all these market developments led to the scenario of Internet revolutionizing the sphere

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